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Marriott's Aruba Ocean Club

Strand/Gebied: Palm Beach - 0 Kamers, 5 Verdieping(en)

Kissed by the sun and reflecting the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, Marriott's Aruba Ocean Club is the treasured jewel of Aruba's Palm Beach. Entertainment, adventure and fun for all ages surround this oasis with exciting water sports and ocean excursions. Infused with Caribbean style, your spacious one- or two-bedroom villa will offer a welcome retreat.

L.G. Smith Boulevard 99
Palm Beach
+297 - 5869 000
+297 - 5206 668

Prijsopgave & Beschikbaarheid


  • 24-uur front desk
  • Air-conditioned fitness ruimte
  • Arcade / Game room
  • Geldautomaat
  • Schaduwgevende cabanas
  • Gratis strand handdoeken
  • Gratis kranten in de lobby
  • Conciergebalie
  • Wasserette & stomerij service
  • Kapper
  • Kinderzwembad
  • Mini-Market & Souvenir Shop
  • Niet Roken
  • Zwembad
  • Spa


Marriott's Aruba Ocean Club offers 218 one- and two-bedroom guest suites in a six-story, U-shaped building around a garden courtyard. Suites include ground-floor terraces or upper-floor balconies and feature two-person spa tubs in master bedrooms. Suites also include kitchens with four-burner ranges, microwave ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, blenders, toasters, cookware, glasses and dishes, and three-stool breakfast bars.

Hotel Activiteiten

A lagoon-style pool meanders from a 75-foot-wide, 15-foot-high pink-and-gray rock formation under a bridge, around a palm-studded island, and to a swim-up bar. Secluded atop the rock formation, a free-form spa tub can accommodate up to 25 guests. The pool's expansive sundeck includes umbrellas and a 15-foot-diameter children's pool.

Maaltijden & Restaurants

Champions Restaurant & Sports Bar - Casual, air-conditioned place with pool table, televisions, video games. Menu offering pub-style appetizers, salads, burgers, hot dogs, steak, chili, pizza. (Pizza also available for delivery.)

The Pavilion Bar & Grill - Beachside spot open during day for burgers, salads, sandwiches, soft ice cream, tropical drinks.

Cappuccino Express - Open early morning to late evening for pastries, juices, coffee, espresso drinks, ice cream.

Ocean Café - Open early morning to evening. Serving breakfast items, sandwiches, and salads

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Beoordeling over Marriott's Aruba Ocean Club

4 van 5
10 beoordeling(en)
5 van 5
Marriott Ocean Club
- door
October 14, 2012

As owners we have been coming back to the Ocean Club for the past 12 years. We continue to be very happy with our investment due mainly to the upkeep of the facility and the people working their who make our vacation truly special. It starts with people like Ben at the front desk who takes the time to make sure your happy with your room, the bell men who take car of our luggage in a very courteous way, the folks at the coffee shop that make sure there is an ample supply of the best cherry danish and cherry strudel on the island, the housekeeping folks who do a superb job and always looking to help their guests,and the entertainment people. I can go on and on complimenting the entire staff. We truly feel at home during every visit.

5 van 5
- door
October 14, 2012

We had stayed here many times. It is the nicest resort on the Island, IMHO. It has everything including great staff, clean and updated rooms, great beach and pool, cool hot tub etc. etc.

5 van 5
Our Home Away From Home
- door
April 06, 2012

We have owned here from construction phase. They are constantly updating the property and we love this place! It is large enough without being too big. Everyone is very helpful and make our stay very comfortable. We are glad we own here.

5 van 5
Marriott Ocean Club
- door
March 30, 2012

The marriott ocean club is paradise
The staff is very friendly and very knowledgeable
Always there to accomadate you
Always found it to be a home away from home
Ate for the first time in ruth chris it was delightful
Lunches at the resort are delicious
Everyone is very friendly and accomadating

2 van 5
Marriott Ocen Club Stay
- door
January 26, 2009

I am stating "not so good" for several reasons: 1. The 3rd week of January + extra days pre and post include a very large number of New York Othodox Jews that take over the property and are very rude to other guests not of their religion and are terrible to the Marriott staff. One staff member was injured by a Jew who threw a clipboard at the staff member injuring him. These guests took over the beach one evening at sundown and left all of their trash on the beach about 50 feet deep of plastic glasses and overturned lounge chairs. They yell at staff and don't follow the Club rules. You have to witness such rude behavior to believe it but I won't recommend that you ruin your vacation. We stayed away from the property as much as possible so that our vacation wouldn't be totally ruined. 2. The electricity was down twice due to airconditioning issues. Both were during meal times which put us out of cooking opportunities. 3. Our refrigerator was not working and it took two calls to have someone look at it before our just purchased food spoiled. 3. The ceiling in our shower was leaking from the the shower above us. 4. We had inspections on three occassions for various things that Marriott contracted for. This was not a relaxing place. We met the Manager of a major hotel on the Island who told us that the New York Orthodox Jews have been banned from every hotel on the island due to their behavior. Therefore, they purchased timeshares in order to stay on the island. Regardless of ownership Marriott should step up and reprimand them for the treatment of the staff and, especially, other guests. I've never witnessed such bad behavior anywhere else. All of the non Jewish guests commented on how it diminished their vacations and ownership experience.

2 van 5
Hotel Reviews
- door
July 27, 2007

I have been going to Aruba for 20 years. I always loved the place and still do. My husband and I went to see the Marriott Aruba Ocean Club last week and we were aghast at the type of property the Marriott is building. It is much too commercial with too many rooms and too many buildings. You don't seem to have any concern about maintaining the integrity of the Island of Aruba. Where are you going to get the employees to run your hotel? There are not enough locals to staff the kind of properties you are building!! You are contributing to the initial crack that will eventually erode a beautiful island and it's even more beautiful people!! I for one like Aruba just as it is. You are going to take away the very reason why people enjoy to travel to this place. I want to look at the natural beauty of Aruba's aqua waters and powder white sand beaches not the back of a concrete building!!

5 van 5
- door
January 15, 2007

Just back from another wonderful week at the Marriott Ocean Club, our 5th or 6th. Some changes we noticed from previous years:

- Palm Beach is getting more crowded, and there are at least 3 large hotels under construction as we type. There is room for them, but we did notice more people on the beach. But that's just fine--more people to people watch. And, as usual, there is a wonderful collection of people from all over the world.

- we rented a car (econo - $165 for the week), but used it so little we wonder whether we'll bother in the future. There was an intense storm one night that flooded many of the roads and part of the Marriott parking lot - they were fishing cars out of there in the morning. Fortunately our car was okay, but strangely our 2nd floor room has leaks in the bathroom ceiling in 2 places - it poured! After 6-8 hours of thunder and lightening it ended, and we had blue skies the next day.

- we played golf one day at Tierra del Sol, the 18 hole course. Lucky for us it wasn't all that sunny the day we played, but on a sunny day this place has to be tough as there is little if any shade. A nice view of the far end of the island and the ocean, and I'm glad I played there at least once, but I don't think I'd go back, espcially when you consider that green fees, plus clubs, plus shoes all came to around $200 for a round. I'd suggest sticking to the beach.

- the water is still a wonderful shade of green/blue, still warm, and for the most part still very clean. we're starting to notice a little more trash in the water (still, not a lot compared to what we see in U.S. beaches). Nothing serious, just something that we hope stops. (Which is up to each of us who visits!). An amazingly wonderful place to swim, float and relax.

- the Marriott itself is the same, which is always good. The new Surf Club buildings continue going up, which adds a lot more people to the Marriott beachfront, but they are working on the new boat landing which looks about ready. Then they will dismantle the old boat docks and extend the beach. The old restaurant that was in front of the Marriott has been rebuilt (although you may not notice it!). The Lazy River is open at the Surf Club, and for now the Ocean Clubbers can use it. Nice for an end of the day diversion.

Our rooms (2 bedroom, ocean front this year - very nice) were clean, comfortable. We're used to them, but our kids stayed there the week before and were delighted with the amount of space. It truly is well designed with all the amenities you could ask for. We stopped at Lings on the way in, bought a weeks worth of food, wine and beer, and we're all set for the week.

Our daily routine was simple - up at the crack of 10, maybe 11, some reading, a light workout at the gym (now free!), and out on the beach around 1, a little later than most, but we wanted to avoid the extreme part of the sun. Put on some #50 everywhere the sun would find, and we avoided burns for the week. We went by lots of people who weren't so lucky, and you could see the spots they (or their friends) had missed. You really need to be very careful about the sun here, and make sure the sunscreen is waterproof.

We walked down the beach to the Divi (maybe a mile plus), swam there for a while, then walked back stopping at the former Kokoa Bar, now known as Bugaloe Beach Bar & Grill, which is on a pier between the Aruba Grand and the Radisson. It has been redone, but you may not notice. Some of the funkier pieces are gone, the place has been cleaned up, but the bar and sitting area looks pretty much the same (to my great relief). Still a wonderful place to have a Balashi (or 2, or...), enjoy the watersports, talk to some fellow vacationers. The guys at the bar are generally friendly, some more than others, but everyone feels welcome. A great place to stop on a hot day.

As usual the main concern each day was where we would eat that night. We had some excellent meals this trip, as usual. Some surprising changes for us this year:

- Our favorite has been Madame Janette's - it's still very nice, but the food is very rich, with a great deal of sauce. Combine this with the generally sedentary lifestyle for the week and it's not a great combination. Still good, very busy, we'll be back, but it's not our very top favorite - at least not this year.

- Our favorite this year was Papamiento, which was less crowded, the food was not as rich, and the atmosphere was more causal and far less hurried. Actually service was very slow, but we were dining with friends and had a very relaxed, easy going night with great food and wine.

- we also had a very nice dinner at Gasparito, very relaxed, good food, nice atmosphere with an outside terrace.

- We started our vacation with dinner at Simply Fish at the Marriott. Expensive, a somewhat limited menu (especially if you don't like seafood), but you can't beat the tables on the sand next to the water. We'd recommend them, but you may have problems getting a reservation as they have fewer tables than most places.

- the biggest surprise for us was Tuscanny at the Marriott, where we had a great meal, a real treat. The waiter (Norman) was a real treat, and created some off the menu desert specials that were some of the best we've had. Their creme brulee is like silk--world-class! We all had sea bass at Norman's suggestion (he wasn't shy about telling us which dishes he thought were very good and which were okay) and we were all delighted. We'd been here a few years back, liked it okay, but remembered it as being darker. It's been fixed up (or we've been fixed up), and it's a very nice place.

- we went to Champions one night. I need to remember not to do this. the food is almost average, greasy, takes forever to show up, and the beers are expensive (around $9!), and the place is noisy and crowded. We've never been impressed, but we keep giving it a try on nights when we're tired and want to stay nearby. We'll make the trip next time. We'd urge you not to stop here, especially when there are so many great places within a mile of the hotel.

The Marriott has a 10:00am check-out time, which is rude. Wish they'd give us an extra hour or two, rather than having us rush out so early. Be warned that most people seem to come and go on Saturdays, so the hotels and airport will be busy.
We lucked out going through customs (on USAir), but the AA lines were veryyyy long, and the lines going through the custom check point at 2:00ish were very long and must have taken hours to clear. So reserve 3 hours at the airport, just to be sure you get through in time.

Aruba is a great place for a vacation, especially if you're just looking for a place to unwind, relax, enjoy the ocean and some great food. There are certainly fancier places in the world, but we love the casual, relaxed feel of this place, and its people. We can't wait for next years trip there!

3 van 5
Could have been better
- door
June 14, 2005

My friend and I stayed at this hotel and before we actually arrived, we called the hotel and wanted to make sure that we had an ocean view. We called months in advance to ensure this. Naturally when we arrived there, we had an ocean view or what they claim is ocean view. We actually had to lean over the balcony and look all the way to the left ( a telescope would have been helpful) just to see a glimpse. This, of course, after months in advance trying to secure an ocean view. When we complained to the front desk, they told us that there was nothing they could do. Definitely not "one happy island" as they like to call themselves. We wanted to go tubing on the ocean which the Marriott does not have so we had to take a cab down to the Hyatt where they had it. The hotel itself is very nice and very relaxing. If you want peace and quiet, come to this hotel. One night we went to dinner down town in Oranjestand and then wanted to go dancing. On the way there, which was only a few blocks we were approached by a man trying to sell us drugs. It was very seedy downtown. Be careful. We rented a jeep and took a ride to baby beach and on the way there, it was also very seedy and had panhandlers come up to the car looking for who knows what. They claim they are a very safe island. I disagree with that. I've lived in New York City my whole life and feel a lot safer there. We found the food in Aruba to be very good. El Gaucho restaurant was highly recommended to us. I found it to be very commercial. Do not go there if you want to be rushed out. We ate at Ruinas del Mar at the Hyatt and that was excellent. I recommend going to the Natural Bridge. Baby Beach is nice if you have children b/c the water is very shallow. Overall the hotel is very nice and clean but the service could've been better. Be careful at night!

4 van 5
One Happy Island
- door
May 16, 2005

Marriott's Aruba Ocean Club, keeping the standard of the Marriott organization is great and none should be disappointed. The staff is friendly and efficient. Aruba's main asset is its people, a craddle of many etnics origen that make your stay a pleasant experience.
The island does not offer much of a scenery; the wind, that helps to keep a low humidity and make the high temperatures bearable, can be annoying. There are excellent restaurants, but pricely. The island must import most of is food and therefore everything from groceries, pharmacy and clothing is expensive. It is a great place to rest and do nothing. Most of the turist are from the US, particularly from the North East, with very few europeans and Latin Americans (few Venezuelans and Colombians). It is a safe island, but common sense should be use.

5 van 5
Tropical home away from home
- door
May 11, 2005

Truly, this is paradise. My husband and I have been visiting Aruba since our honeymoon where we stayed at the Marriott's Ocean Club, located on Palm Beach. We were hooked instantly and as a result, purchased a time share at Marriott's Ocean Club.

Tranquil and relaxing, yet fun and exciting, Aruba can be whatever type of vacation you are looking for. And Marriott can help you with that. From the waterfall enriched pool, to the rock formation hot tub, the Ocean Club has several alternatives for those who are anti-ocean. Let's not forget the swim-up pool bar where your taste buds will be surprised at the yum-yum food on the menu and the tropical drinks. My favorite is a Slippery Monkey. Want to soak in the sun on the beach? No worries as there are several staff walking the beach ready to serve that Slippery Monkey right to your Palapa.

Those that love to bath in the salt water are surrounded by sprakling azure water and soft white sand free of creatures that may frighten. Not so fast, if you do want to visit the creatures of Aruba, snorkeling is abundant through several companies and can be booked by the concierge, located in the lobby. This is true for any activity or restaurant reservation you wish to pursue.

Every room in the Ocean Club has either an Ocean View or Ocean Front view with breathtaking scenes of palm trees blowing in the wind and the azure glitter of the Carribean Sea. As this is the Mariott, you know you are guaranteed top notch service, of which the Ocean Club always satisifies. 1 & 2 Bedroom suites are equipped with a full kitchen, dining area, living room, jacuzzi bathtub, large shower, exterior balcony and 2 Tv's with a DVD player in the living room area. What's more, Marriott's satellite picks up NY basic cable channels right into your room - allowing you to vacation without missing important news, information, and your favorite shows.

Seriously consider visiting Aruba, one happy island, where besides the beautiful environment,live extremely friendly natives who speak 5 or more languages (including english), and accept American currency without the hassle of exchanging.